Hair Restoration

What causes hair loss?

Hair loss can be caused by a number of factors, where Lenus focus to retrieve your condition from within – scalp calcification*, heavy metal poisoning and other toxins in the system, poor scalp care, diet, genetic predisposition and aging, and etc..

*Scalp Calcification is when calcium builds up on scalp where it doesn’t usually appear, which can lead to hair weakness, thinning and loss. In longer term, blood flow to the scalp can become completely restricted – resulting in hair loss and eventual death of the hair follicles.

How we can help?

LENUS’ Bio-resonance therapy is a non-invasive therapy that is safe and painless. All matter has an inherent resonant frequency, and every cell in the body responds to a different frequency – much like a tuning fork. The protonic bio-resonance therapy effectively neutralizes toxins by targeting their specific resonant frequencies. Removing these toxins paves the way for new hair growth.

Enhance results by Pico Protein technology

The advanced Pico Proteins have been custom designed to strengthen healthy hair. Manipulating matter on the atomic level – a trillionth of a meter (10-12m) – Picotechnology works on the principles of quantum mechanics to enhance performance for superior results in hair rejuvenation. When enhanced with specific frequencies from our Protonic Bio-Resonance Therapy, these Pico Proteins work to stimulate hair growth and boost follicle rejuvenation.

Want to expedite the process?

LENUS uses only the highest quality supplements accelerate the effectiveness of our treatment – Regenerative Formulas. LENUS is the sole distributor in Hong Kong, Regenerative Formulas offers pharmaceutical-grade health supplements specially sourced from the United State for their high bio-availability

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