How does LENUS differ from other hair treatments?

While most treatments on the market focus on the scalp and removal of topical oils, LENUS Hair & Skin Institute targets the root of the problem – removing body toxins, promoting decalcification, activating cellular regeneration and increasing nutrition and absorption to promote hair growth. Our treatments also incorporate the purest form of pico proteins – free from any chemical additives, preservatives, perfumes, colouring, allergens or heavy metals.

How long will it take before I see results?

Depending on individual condition and the level of toxins in the system, most clients see an improvement in hair growth within two months’ time. In some cases, clients begin to see visible results in hair texture and density after four treatments.

Will this treatment be effective for my type of hair loss?

During your initial consultation, we will assess your personal situation and offer our professional advice regarding the viability of hair follicles. Dormant follicles can be awakened to regenerate hair growth, however follicles that have already died cannot be restored.

How long will the treatment take?

Most detox treatments take 45 minutes or less, once or twice per week. Treatment for more serious health issues may take up to 90 minutes per session.


Hair rejuvenation treatments, including pico protein application and protonic bio-resonance therapy, takes less than 30 minutes.

Will I feel anything during the treatment?

Most people don’t notice any particular sensations during the treatment. After treatments, some patients report feeling drowsy (a common reaction to detoxing) – although individual responses may differ.

What reactions do patients experience while detoxing?

Our bodies respond to the detox process in a number of different ways. Some patients may notice increasingly intense symptoms before recovery, while others may experience drowsiness. These are all indications that the body is responding and beginning the healing process.

What makes LENUS unique?

LENUS is the only Bio-Resonance treatment that uses IPC’s proprietary Pico Technology to supercharge the effectiveness of our programme. Combining these two technologies into our unique Protonic Bio-Resonance Therapy, Lenus Hair & Skin Institute delivers faster results with much greater efficacy.


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