LENUS’ parent company, IPC, has been dedicated to research and development of advanced technology since 2007, developing many revolutionary products that improve life through its proprietary “PVA Pico Technology”. LENUS Hair and Skin Institute is a pioneer in applying this revolutionary technology to address hair loss and skin condition – with a list of success cases that is growing every day.

Unparalleled Technology

PVA Pico Technology

Using the PVA Pico technology developed by IPC, together with Protonic Bio-Resonance Therapy treatments leverage the cutting edge PVA Pico Technology to enhance our hair condition and wellness status.

Pico Protein

Pico Proteins is an advanced custom formulated treatment utilising PVA Pico Technology and quantum mechanics to retrieve the condition of cells thus to boost the health and growth of hair.

Frequencies Healing

Using scientifically-proven frequencies (developed and tested by scientists around the world since 1940!) to retrieve patient’s internal balance, and stimulate body’s natural healing powers to restore hair and skin to their optimum conditions.

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